We’ve concluded yet another Power BI Challenge and it’s quite a milestone for the Enterprise DNA team, as well as the active participants in the forum. It is, after all, our 10th challenge!

This 10th Power BI Challenge involves supplier insights. Participants were supposed to pretend that they’re working with a manufacturer who needs an efficient procurement system. This system should help them validate which suppliers are delivering quality goods.

Let’s see what kind of creativity the participants showed this time.

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenges aim to cover different scenarios across various industries. This showcases how dynamic…

No one here at Enterprise DNA slowed down in August, as we continued to deliver new stuff that we know would be of high value to everyone in our community. In fact, we continue to expand our reach and bring more people into our circle, and we continue to see everyone improving day by day as we all learn the ins and outs of Power BI and other amazing data tools. Here’s a look at some Enterprise DNA updates for the month of August.

Power BI Deployment Course

We started August launching a new course, Power BI Deployment Strategy, Planning & Governance course.

As we say goodbye to the first half of the year, we’re amazed at how much we’ve accomplished so far. We stayed true to our commitment of releasing courses month over month and there were a lot of Enterprise DNA updates that involved resources, events, and challenges that allowed both members and non-members to enhance their Power BI skills even further.

We’re also excited to see what else is in store for our entire community as we usher in the year’s 2nd half. For sure, we’re going to continue the education and collaborative opportunities that we’ve always committed to providing.

We’ve been very busy here at Enterprise DNA as we continue to level up our content so that all of you can maximize more learning opportunities as far as Power BI is concerned. Of course, one of the best ways for you to put all of this knowledge to practice is by joining our Power BI Challenge.

We just concluded the 13th round, which was all about acing report documentation. This time, we’re moving on to emergency services analytics.

Challenge #14

Power BI has seen quite a number of updates in the past few months, and we’re excited to see how these…

One thing that we love about the Enterprise DNA community is the fact that everyone has this unending thirst for knowledge. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep finding new ways to help everyone collaborate, educate and learn. The amazing things we did here at Enterprise DNA in April is clear proof of that.

Here are some of the highlights for the month of April.

Advanced Visualization Techniques Parts 1 and 2

Visualization is one of the four pillars that contribute to an effective report for a good reason; it has a huge impact on how audiences understand and interact with the data and insights…

We had an amazingly productive month here at Enterprise DNA in March with new courses and amazing events. As you all know, we continue to find more ways to help the members of our community grow in their respective fields through the use of Power BI.

Here are some of the highlights for the month of March.

New Course: Geospatial Analysis in Power BI

We launched a new course called Geospatial Analysis in Power BI, which was created by Paul Lucassen, one of our Enterprise DNA experts. We definitely consider this as an exciting addition to our education platform, especially since geospatial analysis is one of the…

We had an amazing 11th round for the Power BI Challenge, which was the 1st for the year. Looking at the submissions, it was evident that the new year has brought about a new resolve for our participants to deliver reports that greatly bested their past submissions.

Now, we’re moving onto the next round, which focuses on transport and shipping data.

Of course, we’re staying true to tradition and jumping into a new industry we haven’t covered before. This shows how dynamic Power BI can be as a tool, especially when it comes to real-life scenarios like this one.

Updates to the Power BI Challenge


We’ve launched the 10th Power BI Challenge and this time, we’re covering supplier insights.

Once again, we’ve come up with a unique scenario that everyone can work on to make sure we’re maximizing what Power BI can do. A complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA Online is also more than worth it, knowing that this membership can give you access to amazing resources that could deepen your knowledge of Power BI and its capabilities.

Enterprise DNA Membership

We’re once again done with another Power BI Challenge. Judging who the winner is has become more and more challenging as we see participants getting better and better with every round.

This challenge is about currency conversion. It involves a company that buys scrap and waste recyclables. Because the company deals with clients from all over the globe, it meant having to deal with a number of currencies.

Let’s see how our participants came up with a report for this scenario.

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenge happens every three weeks, with each challenge covering real-life scenarios where Power…

We’ve started the 9th leg of our Power BI Challenges, this time focusing on currency conversion.

There’s so much conversation within the Enterprise DNA Forum on this topic that we decided it’s about time we dedicate a challenge to it. As you probably know, we aim to keep things interesting by highlighting different industries every challenge. This proves how dynamic Power BI really is as a tool.

Challenge #9

In Challenge #8, we looked at Power BI insights from Jira reports. This time, we had to dig deep into our archives to find a challenge worthy of your time.


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