A Quick Tip On How To Ease A Troubled Mind

There are times when we are flooded with unpleasant emotions. Sometimes when this happens we may struggle to find a way out of them easily. What I have found to be the best way to allow the feelings to naturally subside is to take a minute to clear your mind of all thoughts.

In order to do this simply take your mind off of everything you have been thinking of and avoid any new thoughts that enter your mind, especially those with an emotional feeling attached to them. Diligently keep your mind off of everything and keep bringing your focus back to nothing. You will probably need to keep readjusting your focus continuously in order to do this.

What you will start to develop is a blank or empty thought. This thought will be emotionally neutral and the more you are with the blank thought the more your emotions will start to subside and return to a pure, neutral state. This state is refreshing after feeling a lot of strong emotions and is very soothing to an overactive mind.

Eventually once your emotions have subsided and your mind is calm you will not need to avoid your thoughts any longer as they will be few and subtle. You can then go about your business with a new sense of peace and calmness.

I hope this method is simple enough that anyone will be able to apply it and that it is helpful to you next time you are feeling overwhelmed. Thanks.