To C or not to C

The last time I studied C (or C++ for that matter) was in college, which was also my last course on computer science in a formal environment. I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with this language. I’ll admit it, I can be lazy and want things done quickly using the best tool possible. Although it gives excellent flexibility in doing whatever you want to do on pretty much any platform, I have been doing that with mainly Java or C#.

To be honest, my current favourite toolset has bash / nodejs / python and I can pretty much do majority of the things that are needed in my day to day tasks. Although I’ve recently been tempted to play around with GoLang. This language has some amazing language constructs and paradigms that I am starting to see myself plugged into and with my recent involvement in parallel & distributed computing project (a personal project), along with functional programming and computation theory, I think this language will have a lot more to give in that domain. So for now for me its Not To C.