Great read, high five. All the dirty jokes I know suck, so I’ll share a clean one instead.
Luke Trayser

There is a similar john shuttleworth joke. Punchline being “but I don’t want to, I don’t want to”

Crass jokes with overt neon highlighted laugh markers are easy for audiences to follow. Subtle humour is harder to grasp. Banal humour rarely offends since it often not understood. Slapstick transcends the confines of age & language, yet people are unable to admire it for fear of seeming uniteligent. Satire loses its footing if the subject matter sounds satirical from it’s origin.

Crass humour gets a reaction, not always a good one. Whatever your preferred brand of Shtick, humour is a method of bonding. So also excludes on the flipside.

My thought would be to make a joke at the expense of the base majority. One that favours the sandwich guy. One that intelligently suggests those that don’t brag often have more to brag about.

“empty vessels making the most noise” then couple that with a quip about not being able to sail well enough for those aboard to make a noise.

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