My Experience So Far In The Andela Bootcamp

The Andela bootcamp is the final stage before before acceptance into the Andela Fellowship that comes with great benefits for the fellows. This is a two weeks program that is aimed to fully empower the aspiring developers with the true and intensive ways to become world class developers and make the world a better place. Today is my second day at Andela bootcamp and the experience so far is tough and challenging but due to the presence of experienced and great learning facilitators the thirst to learn more is still on. I have learnt a lot so far, worked on some amazing projects in web development where I have been developing a Shopping List website. I have interacted with my fellow bootcamp member in a slack platform where a lot of learning also takes place. Whenever faced with a problem this has been my rescue since my learning facilitator is always there to guide us and encourage us to push on. Today it was all about Object Oriented Programming, Test Driven Development and writing professionally. Learning resources are available and guides on how to approach such tasks also provided for us to make the most out of this Andela bootcamp. I have been faced with few challenges to meet up the deadline today but the bootcamp is still young and I believe its scheduled in the best way. Its been an awesome experience on my way to become a world class developer at Andela.

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