My Third Day At The Andela Bootcamp

After three days at the Andela bootcamp the experience has made me realize there is no limit to what one can achieve in life if he/she is determined on what he/she is doing. That is why most of the successful people in life always sing the song of dreaming and being determined.

Being in the Andela Bootcamp challenges are inevitable since the whole process is structured with an aim to get the best and only the best out of it, but it being a bootcamp to produce world class developers then this is expected. Having to sleep late at night trying to dig more on Test Driven Development, My third day had to start still early as usual, today the expected output is all about programming logically and writing professionally but the unfinished task are still holding on me. I still have a lot to work. The experience is getting tougher, this is being reflected on the online slack platform where today the communication has been minimal, i guess fellow bootcamp members are busy trying to grasp as much as they can. The day has been a busy one for me as i try to work on the unfinished project and still manage today’s timetable. The resources provided by Andela are rich with information but i still get the challenge to implement some task, like i have this challenge of implementing Test Driven Development in my flask application. I guess the fact that one has to learn on your own then implement withing the given time framework is really a challenge. The great thing is that this are things that look one would grasp and really perfect in them later. I have learnt a lot withing few days, that has made me explore on APIs a topic for bootcamp week two. I look forward to complete this process and join Andela fellowship to become a member of the world class developers who believe in making the world a better place. The knowledge i have gained so far at Andela will contribute a lot in my journey to become a software developer. True This Is Andela

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