How (Maison Bocage) Baton Rouge Apartments And Town Homes Are Different?

Meeting the demands of those who are ardent lovers of beauty and luxury. Maison Bocage Apartments and Town homes, Lafayette will provide you with that. Thinking of French style with beautiful countryside and natural landscape. Meeting the demand of luxury and aesthetics Maison Bocage presents with their apartments and town homes. Situated in Lafayette the beautiful place these apartments and town homes will complete your demands in every possible way. Apartments are available with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms with wide space and balcony. Town homes are available in single story and duplexes with attached garden spaces. Fully furnished and modern these places will leave you in wonders.

Describing apartments that are fully furnished and located such that basic amenities are around the area from schools, hospitals, markets and stations. These apartments are fitted with beautiful lightings and new hardware. Floors are wooden furnished and cabinets are moderns and elegant. Installed with security codes and fire alarms. Kitchen is installed with modern equipment’s like chimney and cooling freezer. Pantry is also available to store extra materials. Coming on town homes they are designed to meet luxury and comfort. Coming with duplexes too they are too fully furnished and with new hardware. The homes are installed with fire alarms and security codes. Kitchen is designed with modernity. Lightings are excellent and there is pre installed air conditioning. The noted features in town homes are that there are attached gardens, which will give customers their own space of enjoying evenings.

Maison Bocage apartments and town homes are fully secured with 24/7 guards and CCTV’s guarding the area. No complaints regarding electricity and water as there will be full supply of both 24/7 too. Even in crisis there are generators for backups, which can ensure 12 hours of backup. Water storage tanks are also available. Cutting down the chase the basic problem everybody face is with parking spaces, but not in these homes and apartments. Customers are provided with their own parking space. Provision for pets are there too. Apartments in the complex are available with the fitness center and swimming pool too. Laundry center is also available. The best feature of these Baton Rouge Apartments and town homes is a walk in closet. It will surely give customer a feel of king in their home.

Getting tired with your old residence because of its dim and unsatisfied conditions. Get your belongings packed and feel home in Maison Bocage residence. Give your family and yourself a touch of serenity packed with luxury. In modern times your home represent your status. Sometimes people shy away when some wants to come over because of their poor condition of their house. Paying so much of rent still not happy. Change your world by changing your residence. The designer apartments and town homes will provide customers with the confidence to show off there stylish home and maintain their dignity. Live with pride. Why settle somewhere your dreams don’t find wings to fly. With spacious homes and homely ambience shift to Maison Bocage Apartments and Town homes.