Locker Room Talk

Little girl, boxed-pleat skirt, knees scuffed with dirt
Man, that turns me on
Grab her where you want, she’ll let you
As if she can even understand

Why a man would
Download kiddie porn onto his girlfriend’s computer
It’s okay, it’s long gone
The police can’t charge him

For a one-night stand, she can’t remember saying yes to
He may have supplied the drinks but, hey, she drank ’em
Sleeping beauty, I’ll take this kiss
Never mind those bruises on her arm.

You see, sweetheart, you’re a smart girl
Why don’t you fetch me a coffee?
And don’t you look fetching in that skirt
It hugs your curves in all the right places.

Line them up on the dancefloor,
then give them a number from one to 10
If you’re pretty enough, I’ll stick my tongue down your throat.
What? I’m not fucking good enough for you, princess?
I’m just kidding, honey.
Can’t you take a joke?
Besides, you’re a five at best.