Preventing Double Booking as a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

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I often hear from entrepreneurs that they do not have enough time, they can’t get all they need to do, they are missing client deadlines or that they “accidentally have double-booked”.

When I look into their time management set up, I often find that there is actually no system in place.

No central calendar for all their activities — work, business, personal, kids, volunteering, sports etc. Instead, it is all over the place, on whiteboards, in paper planners, or not recorded at all.

If you want to streamline productivity in your business you need to start with a good foundation.

One Central Calendar.

The preferred methods are Google Cal, iCal, Microsoft Calendar, because basically all programs will connect with these calendars.

You then will want to set up a calendar for each of your activities so you can colour code them (you can colour code specific events but that can get confusing).

As you can see with my calendars I have broken them up into different sections.

Home:- Anything related to home that I might need to remember eg: bill payments, rubbish bin days etc. This calendar is always booked as time is free not busy as these are not time-specific tasks.

Calendar — Any general events

Pursue Your Dreams — One of my businesses

Secret Groomers Business — Another one of my businesses but essential to keep bookings separate so I know whats what.

Triathlon — Triathlon training that my partner is undertaking so I know what he has on each day to be able to support his training program.

Grooming — For my pet grooming clients

Fire Station — as a Volunteer Firefighter I can’t schedule call outs but I can schedule training nights, community events etc.

The Business Classroom — My main business

Work — My partners work roster as he is a shift worker good to know when he is available to make bookings.

Snap Fitness — My current gym I manage

Sam & Ryan — You guessed it, any appointments that affect both of us.

Any of the calendars that are just noted to me the time is set as free, if it is an allocated time then I make sure this is set to busy.

Scheduling Program

There is nothing that wastes more time than the back and forth to book in an appointment or meeting. I much prefer to be able to book online than to call and go through a list of times that are not suitable for me.

I use TimeTrade for my clients to be able to book into the correct calendar for the correct business, and in just over 10 years I have never had a double booking. This also helps with timezone conversions and allowing my clients to be able to book in a time that is suitable for them.

Double booking should not be happening in business if you have one central calendar and you stay on top of it.

How do you manage your busy life?

Love all things business and tech. Volunteer Fire and Rescue Firefighter. Animal Lover.

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