Why My Startup Stack Isn’t Dev Focused

Sam Rye
Sam Rye
Apr 27, 2016 · 2 min read

“Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sam Rye unfortunately as a dev I cannot see necessity of using a lot tools there.”

Good point Shihab Uddin, and it was something I didn’t really touch on well in the original article.

My thinking is that generally prior to writing a line of code to build out your idea into a Product, I would personally be testing if there’s any demand for it.

In that sense, Dev Stacks are too advanced for the stage most people are at if they’ve got an idea.

“The question is no longer ‘can it be built?’. The question now is ‘should it be built?’. — Eric Reis

I quite liked how Eric Reis (author of Lean Startup) puts it, because for 99% of ideas out there, creating the product itself is not a huge technical challenge. The main challenge is whether we can build a sustainable business model on top of the product.

To that end, My Startup Stack is predominantly entrepreneurship and marketing flavoured because this is the first hurdle to address. You’ll notice there’s a couple of design/prototyping tools in there, because once we’ve got some good signals showing from the market, we can start building low-fi prototypes to make sure we’re building something that people will use.

There’s a heap of excellent Dev Stack posts out there, so I hope you find something which will help you with the practical aspects of Product Design & Management — good luck on your journey!

Additional: There was a suggestion on Facebook that you might like StackShare.io

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