Design has changed, but the tools have not.
Darryl Gray

The tools that need to change are also cultural. We need to collaborate more deeply as humans, not just rely on the crutch of technology to help us work on projects together.

Some of these cultural technologies are completely offline, as yet untouched by software or digital tech. They’re ways of convening groups, of fostering trust and helping us see one another’s skills. Undoubtedly some of them will move to the Digital realm (such as how Loomio is helping people make decisions better) but some of them will always just exist in groups and teams.

These cultural technologies are as important to pay attention to, design and develop further to aid deeper and more meaningful collaboration — whether it is to help us build new software, design better public services, run community groups, or tackle some of the big gnarly questions that face us as a planet.

I wrote a little more about my questions and reflections on cultural technology here.

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