Steering the wagon
Jonas Ellison

I like this piece. It has a very interesting central idea about the inevitable momentum of life. I think it is about the momentum of life. We can use this momentum to propel us pleasingly into the future or fight it with our own inertia — we will be pulled along anyway. It certainly seems an apt description of what it feels like, this life. Can we alter the direction of the wagon, do our beliefs matter, do our beliefs create realities other than the jump along or be pulled analogy? For me it is about, what is in the mind of the dog afixed to the wagon? I guess each moment is a decision, jump along or be pulled and each moment is a view to a different part of the road, a particularly treacherous stretch, or a particularly smooth and scenic route, for awhile at least. Like the dog, when we approach life’s decisions what we believe determines how we approach a certain length of life’s journey — sometimes it will be predictable bumpy, at other times it will be an easy ride. I guess belief is a matter of determining what we will do in advance, what sort of approach we think is necessary, will we jump along or be pulled?

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