Bdy_prts and Honeyblood made a lot of noise at a Victorian-themed night out at the National Museum of Scotland

Amongst the thaumotrope workshops, sketching stations and Victorian selfie booth, Bdy_prts appeared, dressed up in jumpsuits bearing the livery of the Swizzel Mattlow company and acting out dance routines. It worked; Bdy_prts sound like a rock band from the future, so it was fitting that they were staged alongside thousands of objects from the past.

And then Honeyblood popped up, all tattoos and red lipstick, looking every inch the band of the moment. I’d not see them live before, so it was a treat to see them play through their debut record and road-test a couple of new tracks. At the museum the novelty of the whole experience removes the pressure to be the most rock-and-roll act in history and the audience are kind of just pleased to be there — but it’s a special place, and a special way to see live music.