The sky had to be blue today. Cloudless too, I suppose. Clear.

We call it Opening Day, and the heavens have complied. They are open as they should be every April. Especially this April.

This winter was a harsh one, as you know. We needn’t go into the hills of snow. Mountains of snow, really. Human-sized mountains of snow. And the cold. The marrow-deep cold of November to February. This year it lasted until March. It still might be there if you close your eyes and allow yourself to feel it. (If you’re like most, you won’t want to.) And the despair. Everything dark, gray if you’re lucky. Only memories and nostalgia for hope. It was a harsh winter. You know. We needn’t talk of it.

Today, the skies have opened. The sun shines, and the sky is blue. A first pitch is being thrown in non-ivory-covered parks across the land.

Today, it is summer. Today, it is Opening Day.

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