4 things I want to see in Python 4.0
Anthony Shaw

Wow, this really lack of imagination.

What about:

  • tools to ease the Python packaging;
  • tools to ease Python compiling into an exe (ala nuikta);
  • sized_iterable.len;
  • inline excepts (although rejected by guido)
  • lazy keyword (see Python-idea this month)
  • multiple-interpretter mode (promised and forgotten for 3.6)
  • official mobile version of the Python interpreter (obj C is a superset of C after all)
  • integrated dev tools. A package to get
  • removed all useless packages from the stdlib (seriously, the wave module ?)
  • make an official channel of pip installabled modules that are not in the stdlib, but blessed by the PSF.
  • template strings (which are a natural addition to f-string)
  • get() method for lists and tuples
  • slicing for generators
  • callable in slicing
  • a way to save the result of a computation in a temp var in comprehension list
  • better string dedent
  • official syntax for docstrings
  • type annotations from docstrings
  • comments and multiple languages in the python doc
  • python 3 64 bits as the only default download button on the website to download python (it should happen before but hey…)
  • setup.cfg used instead of setup.py
  • wasm support (hoping it will be stable by then)
  • better tools to integrate with rust (or a port of cpython to rust, one can dream :)) so you create a synergy with both communities
  • mypy integrated with Python
  • better story to embed Python into other systems
  • compat of http, urllib, smptlib, imaplib, etc with asyncio
  • official awsgi support

Many of those are not practical though.

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