On a trip to New York, I stumbled on a tiny thrift store with a few old cameras toward the back. I didn’t have a camera with me on this trip so thought I’d grab a 35mm point and shoot. Luckily found a Konica C53 Auto, which looked in near mint condition, but the light meter wasn’t working, I thought at the time must be the battery, but sadly it was busted. I managed to get a few good pictures, but they were a little overexposed.

As soon as I got back to the UK I got myself on eBay…

I fucking love Uber Jump. I’m honestly obsessed with that bright red two-wheeled piece of craftsmanship. Now I live in London so if you’re unfamiliar with Uber Jump let me explain. Imagine if Uber started renting electric bikes to you… yeah well, that's exactly it Uber now rents out electric bikes.

And it’s pretty amazing. To be able to find an electric bike on your phone within minutes and be on your way with ease is pure bliss on pedals, the ride itself is incredible. As soon as you start to peddle a few times and you feel the ‘jump’…

It wasn’t so long since that if you asked a designer what software they used to create just about anything, the answer would more likely have included the word ‘Adobe’.

Today, there are so many options to bring creativity to life, that a big question more often than not is: what’s the best design software out there right now? And the answer for a while was Sketch, but not anymore.

Our hearts have been stolen by Figma.

What’s Figma you ask? In many ways, it’s exactly like Sketch…Invision, Principle, Craft, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It may sound like a Frankenstein’s…

Pretty much most of my time at home is spent on the sofa watching Netflix, Youtube or playing video games, which… is fucking brilliant. Who doesn’t love to sit and watch Youtube all night, starting with a music video and then 6 hours later watching an old episode of It’ll be Alright on the Night with Denis Norden (Who is still alive!).

“I want to start this, but don’t have the time”

is something that we hear so much of, but if you asked the same person if they’ve caught up with the latest series of Black Mirror then most…

It’s that time of year again where we all make lists, goals and resolutions that we swear to keep for the full year only doing so for about 2 minutes. I have no idea why but the start of the year means we want to become someone else… for a bit, then the “lose weight goal” goes down the drain and your on to the second tube of BBQ Pringles… Right?

I’m guilty of it, I make a list every year and barely do any of the stuff on there, but this year is going to be a tiny be…

I’m pretty shy. Not always just to begin with. I often find it hard to start conversations with people just out of pure nervousness. So I decided to organize and host my own design meetup in Leeds, inviting 100 designers into 1 room. Where for around 15 minutes they would sit and judge me while I try and present.

I was scared, felt sick, wanted to do a poo and I loved every minute of it.

Why would I put myself into this position you may ask? Well, I found myself surrounded by digital designers day in, day out. I…

Sam Hainsworth

Product Designer writing down stuff for all to see.

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