Panic Buying is not just a random phenomenon in your own country. It has sequentially happened in almost every country in the world. It is a unified response to the situation and isn’t something that demonstrates a humans stupidity or something to get angry about.

It is the result of our evolution, psychology, the news, game theory, network effects, economics and the way our society is currently set up.

I’m going to explain:

  • The main causes.
  • Why we shouldn’t blame people for doing it
  • How we can reduce our own panic and the resulting shopping burden

Section 1 — Understanding Why?

1. Supply Chains

Supermarkets supply 60% of our food normally. We do a lot of consuming outside of our own homes. We work in offices where we have essential items and snacks and things. We go out to eat for lunch or order food in. We go out in the evening to restaurants, pubs, events where we get food. We go on holidays to hotels, we go to festivals. Our children go to school. We spend a lot of time out of our homes eating. …

What we Learn from 50 Shades of Grey

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There are some big life lessons we can learn from 50 shades of Grey. On the surface, it may seem there is little to learn about anything at all. A seemingly pointless tale about nothing. Its plot is less complex than eating a banana and its heroine is shallower than a toddler-friendly paddling pool. Being kind you could describe the writing style as elementary.

Understandably, many look down on the book. …

Why we are thinking about time optimisation completely wrong

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Technology has caused a radical change in the way we live our lives. Our eyes are opening to the damage apps like facebook and twitter do to us. We know that the infinite scroll was something we shouldn’t be engaging in.

I’ve enjoyed the headspace of turning my phone into a device that doesn’t have social media on it. I then went one step further and removed email for a ‘month’ challenge. Two weeks into the challenge I stopped even thinking about the challenge and my phone is just a device that doesn’t do email anymore. …


Sam Harris

Scientist, explorer, entrepreneur, author, speaker. Writing on psychology and success. My podcast: www.growthmindsetpodcast.com, My business: www.syncifyapp.com

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