What we think about teaching our children to save the planet is just wrong

Sam Harris
Aug 15, 2017 · 3 min read

Humanity has been astoundingly good at creating content about the problems we have. Like we are really super friggin good at this. We know how we’ve made those problems, theories to solve them and what our responsibility is. But ultimately people learn by doing and by replicating what their teacher is doing. So kids today will still only learn how to teach their children HOW to talk about solving the problem and we won’t teach them TO actually solve the F##CK!NG problem.

All we are demonstrating is an attitude that it’s okay to not deal with the problem as long as you think about it and know that you should do something about it. If you tell someone else to deal with it later then that’s acceptable. So that’s what our children are learning to do.

The only way to teach them to solve the problem is by actually doing something about it. We shouldn’t be passing them a broken system and saying. ‘oh we fucked up, buuuut it affects you more. You really need to fix it because honestly it was lovely beforehand.’ They won’t really ever understand what it was like beforehand or have any value for it so why would they care.

So this is all a fairly theoretical piece of content thus far that hopefully your inclined to agree with. But my call to action is that if you are researching something or documenting something, maybe change your mindset and think about a practical way you can actually do something today to reduce that growing number or statistic you are proving exists. As we have enough statistics already (for the most part).

Michael Goves statement — “We’ve had enough of the experts” is sadly very true. There is little value in proving many things these days as people are mostly desensitised to any content and more interested in hearing the opposite from idiots like Donald Trump. So as scientists its time to hang up our expert hats and actually get our hands dirty trialling solutions and making them cheaper and more user friendly and creating adoption. We need to learn to become entrepreneurs rather than analysts, change-makers instead of fortune-tellers. That is what the world needs and the example we need to be making to our children.

P.S. — If you’re unsure what to do straight away in the interim between reading this and making a plan and if your moral compass gets as lost as mine does because you are a human. Then you can start with just becoming a vegetarian and taking less long-haul flights until you have some better life goals to talk about.

P.P.S. — If you do have any idea’s for any entrepreneurial project that would do some good I will gladly talk to you about it and help you get started. You are my new favourite person.

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Scientist, explorer, entrepreneur, author, speaker. Writing on psychology and success. My podcast: https://growthmindsetpodcast.com.

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