Getting data from AngularJS to PHP

So .. this took more time then expected !

Of all the things I have to do, I never expected to spend so ‘much’ time on this one.

On the Angular side I post using this:

$scope.user = {email: '', password: 'foobar'};

$scope.login = function () {
.post('/api/auth.gettoken', $scope.user)
.success(function (data, status, headers, config) {
if(data.ok === true) {
$window.sessionStorage.token = data.token;
} else {
$scope.error = 'Error: Invalid user or password';

Now this led to to believe that this was now available using $_POST[‘email’] and $_POST[‘password’].

This was not the case, and has been subject of debate for some time it seems.

It’s sort of confusing because at first I didn’t get what was wrong since FireBug shows this just like any other POST:

What’s going on behind the scenes is that Angular posts this as application/json where jQuery uses the all so common application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Most users solve this by modifying the behavior on the Angular side, but I went with their approach and changed the PHP side.

Normally the way to access POST or GET variables in Slim is to use


Since Angular sends the JSON in the body, I needed to get it from there.

I created this little helper function:

Class Helper {

* Angular posts JSON in body, not in $_POST, use this to get
* the values and extract !
public static function getJSONFromBody($app, $req_values = array()) {
$request = json_decode($app->request()->getBody(), true);
$res = array();

/* If no array is passed return associative array */
if(empty($req_values)) {
foreach ($request as $req => $value) {
$res[$req] = $value;
} else {
// We have an array, return in exact
// same order so we can list()
$i = 0;
foreach($req_values as $key) {
$res[$i] = (isset($request[$key]) ? $request[$key] : null);
return $res;


This allows me to get the Angular variables from anywhere in my code:

list($email, $password) = Helper::getJSONFromBody($app,['email','password']);
echo 'Hello there ' . $email;

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my POST. (Get it?!)


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