JoyPad for HTML5

The Idea:

Create a JavaScript SDK for JoyPad using a Mac OS X app.


Develop a Mac OS X app that spawns a local web server that exposes the connected JoyPad controllers through websocket events.

Develop a joypad.js file acts as the driver to receive communication from the web server (via websockets) and send commands to the connected JoyPad controllers to change controller schemes on-the-fly.

Is it possible?

Of course this is possible. We already have an OS X app for JoyPad Legacy. All that app does it map the JoyPad controller to a set of keys on the keyboard. The difference between this and a JS SDK is that a developer will be able to receive a lot more detailed inputs from a JoyPad and will be able to change the JoyPad controller’s scheme from within the web app/game.

But is it possible with the current JoyPad SDK?

That I can’t answer. Can you? That’s why I wrote this; to ask you this question.

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