Assessment 4 — Writing Scripts

This was by far the hardest Assessment for me. It took me a long time to understand JavaScript and I still feel I have a lot to learn. After trying to make my own scripts I found I couldn't make much worthwhile implementing into my own website but I did learn a lot.

Although JavaScript was challenging I did find it very interesting and could see a real market in making effective and useful JavaScript, even if I am not at that stage myself.

From the design stage of my website build I always wanted to implement a slideshow on my homepage in order to show off my clients Barber Shop and hairstyles. In the end I went with this design that I am very happy with.

Its clean looking and I feel it suited the general theme of my website.

The Assessment said we had to implement two different types of scripts. Apart from my Slide Show I never planned on having a second form of JavaScript on my website, so I found it hard to come up with a second idea. In the end I went with a basic clock on the homepage. If this was a real website for a client I wouldn't use a clock but it fitted the assessment purpose.