Assessment 5 — Testing

I found myself very lucky with the testing phase of my website building. I was very anxious about testing my website, worrying that it would be like opening Pandoras Box.

The first step was validation. I put my code through w3’s Validator and for a moment my heart sank. It was errors galore but it looked worse than it was. After moving a few tags around and fixing a few typos all my errors went away, the process only taking a few moments. The only errors I could not remove were due to a Google Maps <iframe> I had implemented into my website and this wasn't my code to begin with.

The second step of testing was, testing my website on a range of different web browsers. I chose to use:

Google Chrome



Internet Explorer

I figured that these would be the most popular choices. This was another worry of mine because carelessly I hadn't done much testing using multiple web browsers while I was building my website. Luckily I had no errors to speak of.

As I said in the beginning I found myself very lucky when It came to testing my website but I still learnt a lot and saw the importance of validation and testing your website on different browsers.

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