Assessment 6 — Hosting

Part 1 — Technical Requirements

After some research I found what the technical requirements for my website would be. I needed to make sure the host I was going to choose had: 1gb of storage, 60gb of bandwidth and be able to handle the small amount of traffic it will be receiving, which shouldn't be a problem.

Part 2 — Comparing the features

After researching different types of web hosting companies I found three that stuck out to me which were:

· Melbourne IT

· Bluehost

· Amazon s3

Here is a comparison table of the three options and as you can see they’re quite similar in features:

Out of all the plans provided Melbourne IT proved to have a good plan but was much more expensive than BlueHost and Amazon. Although Amazon also had a great plan I still found Bluehost to provided more options so I decided Id go with Bluehost as my chosen web host.