Qualitative & Quantitative Reflections on Writing Every Morning

During my 28 days posting consecutively, my pieces were read on averaged ~54 minutes per day, but the data shows there is high variance within the average.

Dear michael saminsky,

28 days ago I wrote to you to say that I was making a commitment to write and publish something every morning. I said that my number one goal was consistency. Today, I write to you at the end of this experiment to report my results.

The Qualitative


Brief Reflections on 2016

2016 brought a lot of pain, but it also showed me the solution to that pain is love. (Photo from BrainyQuote)

Dear michael saminsky,

Since today is the last day of 2016, I can’t get around writing something reflecting on this year.

Starting from the beginning, I kicked off 2016 with a Polar Plunge in New Hampshire with David King and friends. It was epic, and it reflected the excitement with…

Sam Shames

MIT ’14 | All opinions are my own

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