News Diary

Studying journalism has really broadened my horizon of news consumption and adjusting into the habit of increasing how frequently I read the news. I started off as business administration major, struggling to find passion and meaning in the work I was doing. I might of read the news every few days or when my mom called to tell me something important or tragic was happening. My intuition guided me to the path of journalism. I felt behind compared to my classmates, somehow I needed to catch up and stay informed with the news. I am a full time student athlete constantly busy on the road for games, along with a full academic schedule. It is crucial for me to find balance and ways to stay up to date.

With the advancement of technology, it has made print newspapers a thing of the past. I honestly can not remember the last time I picked up a print newspaper and read through it. I rely solely on my Smartphone and MacBook Pro everyday to gather information about the news. It provides me with easy access to news at my fingertips at anytime. Television is a popular news source for many people but I am never able to find the time to sit down and watch the news. As a typical broke college student without cable, I have limited free time and that usually is consumed with napping or watching Netflix.

Everyday at some point I try to look at the news app on my iPhone. Somedays it’s when I first wake up in the morning, other days it’s before my head its the pillow at night. I start with top stories and whats trending, scrolling through the headlines to see what catches my eye. I have been following the tragic disaster from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma that will hit the East and Gulf coast, political news involving Trump, North Korea and DACA immigration controversy. I check to see if any new information has been updated. Notifications appear on my phone screen throughout the day of important news headlines, that help has a reminder to look at the end of a busy day.

I check Twitter and scroll through my news feed to see what is happening today. Twitter only allows a Tweet to be 140 characters, if i need more information I seek it out elsewhere. Preferably, The Washington Post, The New York Times or CNN. When I use Twitter for news consumption, I look at what is trending, popular hashtags and todays moments that touch on different categories of information, politics, US news, pop culture, social action, weather, celebrities, and other topics.

Other social media sites I frequently visit are Facebook and Instagram. I follow a wide variety of diverse and knowledgable people who enjoy posting about the wold around us. I enjoy watching short informational videos or scrolling through pictures. Snapchat is not the first place I would go to for news and information, but when I am bored I go to the news articles and read about health, beauty, celebrities, politics and anything current. I find it more interesting to read at times, it includes real snapchat videos people took and posted from all over the world. Holidays, protests and events for examples, I can feel as though I am experiencing it without actually being present.