Marketo is not the only one who failed to renew its domain

Just a few days back Marketo, a marketing automation cloud forgets to renew their domain, this created outage for several hours and make Marketo look like a naive company which cannot even handle their domain renewal, that was a real embarrassment for them. Marketo is not the only company which failed to renew their domain on time but several other known companies also failed to renew their domain on time.


In 2010 Foursquare, a local search and discovery service failed to renew their domain and there cannot be the worst time for this to happen as Foursquare raised $10 million funding, I am sure their investors must be got very disturbed by their choice startup to fund who cannot handle their domain how would they handle investors money.

In 2012,, second largest travel site in India failed to renew its domain, it was down for a long time, I was an embarrassment to them, they got it renewed and everything went back to normal but people in the travel industry in India use it as a joke.


This is my favourite, Microsoft is known for making software which is full bugs and not easy to use (note: now they have improved it Windows 10 is quite good in user experience) but I never expected that they would let this type of thing happen, they must be having a big team which handles the domain related tasks. Ok, so in 2003 Microsoft failed to renew domain, it is spotted by another good hearted Hotmail user and he tried to contact Microsoft but they wouldn’t have listened to him, he sent emails, he phoned them but they were not interested, after many days the Registrar, sent them notice then they wake up and got the owner ship of the domain. Microsoft US investigated the whole fiasco and after that nothing like this happens again.

There are so many other examples also but above three are from the tech industry, whose main differentiator is technology and technology is also main delivery channel, still, this happened. Never mind mistakes happen but we must not repeat them, especially which can tarnish our image!

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