When it doesn’t seem like work!

All of us have some special talent and it’s hidden to us. If we find our real talent and work in the same field then it would be easy for us to perform well and achieve much more than we can achieve working in some other field.

So how to find your talent, there is no sure shot formula to find the talent but you can try to find. One thing which always fascinated me is how some people are interested in working on something and other people are not, I have observed one of my programmer friends and he always help others to diagnose bugs in their program and didn’t get tired of it, he can work for days continuously to diagnose and fix a bug. It doesn’t seem like work for him and he is best suited for this.

If something doesn’t seem like work to you and you want to keep doing it all the time and it doesn’t tire you, probably this is the thing you are best suited for and it’s your talent. As early you find your talent it’s as better.

So ask yourself, about what you work on, is it feel like work to you or its pleasure working on it and if it feels like work, find something else!

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