Fuck democracy, welcome to Crowd-democracy

An observation is being made, democracies over the world encounter some problems in the light of Brexit, or terrorist acts and so on. People, that are citizens, don’t feel well represented anymore. Actions of their spokesmen don’t fit reality people actually live in.

Democracy can now be reinvented to let emerge a new way of managing our societies around the world. Thanks to the digital world, we can redefine our relationship to the power, citizenships and everyone can play a part in the big picture of the rules of our societies.

Our new ways of life

Nowadays, our lives are more connected than ever and we have never been so disconnected to our elites. Why ? 
Maybe because technology is going faster than democracy and we should end this imbalance quickly. Some governments tends to be aligned to technology, as the UK Parliament that created a page where people can sign a petition and if it reach 100,000 signatures, it would be considered in a debate within the Parliament (example with someone that want to “Make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work”)

An example of a petition that UK Parliament will consider debating

But, is this sufficient ? And what about countries such as France that struggles to make things simpler for its own citizens (it could be very very very long to go through formalities), they even decided to make a law that says that if an administration (a state-run company) doesn’t answer you in a proper timing, “quiet means accordance” which is, actually good for people because a lot of formalities had been stuck since then. But, it’s really hard to reach someone and just being listened.

Digitalization : redefining the way we can interact as citizens

Digitalization of the world since twenty years allow us to a better understanding of challenges our countries are facing as well as being too quickly influenced by bad behaviours.

Will of something more fair and possibility to crowd-run our cities/region/countries

On a local way, people are now able to manage better their ways of life and how they can interact with each other. Actually, there are now plenty of examples of people getting back control of their communities. Some applications are starting to emerge, like Fluicity, allowing citizens to :

  • Receive relevant and local information
  • Propose ideas and contribute to the city’s improvements
  • Give its opinion and talk with elected people

On this side, I believe that a leader is still important into our democracies but now as an idea-catalyzer and not as an idea-generator anymore.

The example of the Brexit

People are too rarely asked, there has been a lot of disappointed

In a petition addressed to the UK parliament, a lot of people (more than 4M at the time of writing) would like to come back and re-vote because they misunderstood the complete litter of their vote because people are too rarely asked and they insert their anger and frustrations into the vote, instead of answering to the vote, clearly and simply. And in the following days of the Brexit vote, one of the most asked search on Google in the UK was the sentence “What is the EU?” meaning that people either didn’t vote or vote for something they didn’t know a lot.

What is the solution ?

I suggest concrete solutions that can be implemented by some governments :

  • Educate citizens to make their own researchs (through education process and have a critical eye).
  • Accustom citizens to be asked for decisions and implement these decision, whatever they might be.
  • Create idea reporting tools for governments (for each layers such as States, Regions, Cities) in order to be more close to their populations.

What do you think about it ? What are your solutions ?

Go further with these startups, tools and articles :

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