Own vs Use — The battle

Have you ever wondered why you want to possess this super-dreaming car that you always wanted to buy ? Also, do you remember when you were really glad to have purchased this great song, on a CD format, you listened to it a thousand times since then. Yes yes, that particular outdated single, you know what I mean.

“It wasn’t me” — Single released in 2001 by Shaggy

But, don’t you think the world has a bit changed ? That, today, what matters really is to use something, rather than own it ?

Let me explain myself.

Previously, we use to buy thing and to realize ourself in buying these things. But honestly, it was from the 50’s to the 80’s. We were happy owning it and sharing was difficult, as we wanted to be the only owner.

A history of downloading (illegally)

Do you remember when eMule and Kazaa were known from everyone except all governments and copyrighted owners ? It went a long time until they discovered that people were no longer eager to pay for a audio or video content.


Some companies have greatly understood that people don’t need anymore to own something to have pleasure with it. As we can see for Spotify, that completely raided on Apple customers, that, 10 years ago, promoted owning music through iTunes and their big-capacity iPods.

Released in 2008, iPod Classic 120GB is now dead, less than 10 years later
Living the life now, instead of accumulate things

This thought is more globally based on the matter of living events, instead of accumulating things. And guess what, this is what research says, especially Ryan T. Howella et al in a study edited in 2011.

Actually, offering events instead of goods for a birthday is the best option for giving unforgettable souvenirs to your counterpart. Because events stays forever into the brain and heart, whereas the good has a limited pleasure, until it is replaced by a new one.

Personally, I enjoy life moments and I urge you to go for it !

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