For the last 5 years or so I have always kept up with the snowsports industry, ever since I wanted to work in it, early on in my college career. This year I had the opportunity to attend SIA in Denver, that is, the snowsports industry’s largest trade show. It is an event I have paid attention to for years as next seasons new product is released for one of the first times and is an expo of trends, design, and good times.

Jones Snowboards had an impressive display of boards and featured some very inspiration designs both board shapes and topsheet artwork.

I walked the show for a couple of days before heading west into the Rocky Mountains and I couldn’t have timed it better. The morning I left was clear but when snow started to fall that Saturday night, it wouldn’t stop until just before I left the following Wednesday.

Union Bindings (left) / Capita Spring Break assortment for the 16/17 Season (right)

It is these sort of circumstances you can’t really plan for, and without an indispensable income, I don’t have the luxury to chase so things just played out in my favor this time. Sessioning 3 mountains in the Summit county area, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Cooper, all offered some of the top runs of my life.

Sunday, much of the day at Beaver Creek was spent taking laps through a quick, easy access sidecountry gate. The lines were deep and with only a couple minute walk before dropping, we couldn’t find a reason to ride any other terrain. Battling a couple of tree wells and loosing my breath hiking for freshies further down the run was all part of the fun.

I spent a couple of days at Copper on the back half of the trip for the SIA On-Snow Demo. Under Armour was gracious enough to let me stay over since we had signed on as a title sponsor of the event. It was great to be riding familiar terrain again and even got to session the Woodward Barn on my way out of town. Nothing compares to throwing a big backflip into a pit full of foam — I highly recommend it if you ever have the chance.

Colorado was extremely great to me on this trip. I got to meet a ton of great new people, now safe to say, friends and catch up with some old ones now living in the area. SIA was a blast and I hope I have the opportunity to repeat in the future.

Originally published at Adam Johnson | Graphic Designer.

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