New Hampshire: Squam Lake

This past weekend I had the privilege of tagging along with my fiancés family for their bi-annual multi-family reunion. This year was graciously hosted in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire on the shores of Squam Lake.

Meeting the family was way more fun that I expected it to be and I knew this was a lively bunch from the stories I have heard. Being back home in the mountains certainly added to my level of excitement about the trip.

Upon arriving to the camp much as you’d expect it was a very traditional summer camp similar to what you may have seen in movies such as The Parent Trap, or even had the opportunity to attend as a kid. It definitely evoked a sense of nostalgia with everything from the dining hall to the cabins contributing to this.

In our short 2 and a half days there, much of the time was spent in and on the water. Between a canoe, a handful of paddle boards, a Sunfish sailboat and some of the clearest water in the entire state (that’s a fact), the conditions were primed for endless fun.


Nestled on the fringes of the White Mountains, the lush green backdrop was a much needed recharge for me. Escaping the monotony of the city life I’ve now succumbed to, is greeted with open arms. Lucky enough to have Labor Day off of work, this trip was how you make the most of a “long-weekend” (though I detest the fact that what is considered a long weekend is still only 3 days).

The cabin was clearly only used during the summers and I later found out this was the second to last week the camp is open. The weather was incredible with the days briefly touching the low 80s and the nights dropping off to below 60F. Perfect camp-vibe weather.


Both days we were there I managed to slip out on the lake early in morning for a couple fishing excursions in the rocky coves. This fishing was okay, mostly landed some Perch the size of my hand and a 6 or 7in Largemouth Bass, no trophies.

I decided to try my hand at some paddle board fly fishing more or less out of curiosity and interestingly enough, I am now really keen on it. The quietness of a paddle board and the elevated perspective you get from standing directly over the water is unmatched by a boat or even a float you may be fishing from. I can’t wait for another opportunity to give this another go, but considering I don’t own a paddle board (yet) who knows when that will be.

Chilly nights and exclusion from city lights, I would be remiss if I didn’t have a go at a couple of night shots. After sitting out on the dock for 20 or 30 minutes and using my Sperry Topsider shoe as a camera stabilizer I caught a few keepers. The sky was absolutely stunning and the depth of space was captivating. Additionally seeing the soft glisten of the Milky Way is nothing less than amazing.


The short 1-hour flight from Baltimore was easier than I would have imagined and the state of New Hampshire did a good job at capturing a tiny piece of my heart.

Who knows when I’ll be back up in New England but whenever that is I’ll have high expectations following an exception short trip to Squam Lake.

On to the next I guess…

Originally published at Adam Johnson | Graphic Designer.