SCAD Career Fair

This is going to a short and sweet post but a fun little trip recap none the less. I just returned from Savannah, Georgia for the first time in 3 years since graduating from college and moving to Baltimore for a job. It was an absolute mind-trip being back in the area. After having lived there for 4 years, it felt weirdly normal returning at the same time.

I was privileged to have been sent down to The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), by my employer, Under Armour for SCAD’s annual career fair. I flew in early on Thursday morning and was able to spend the morning hanging around the city before venturing into my old classrooms and giving a presentation to students. The presentation went exceptionally well and there was a much bigger turn out than I expected. Thanks to my former professors, I do believe. Therefore, I have to throw a huge thank you out to Department Chair, Jason Fox and Jane Zash for the hospitality!

Friday, two coworkers of mine and myself grabbed a bite to eat at a delicious spot called Collins Quarters and highly recommend it. It was new since the last time I was there and had heard rave reviews, which, proved to be accurate. Good vibes.

After that, we headed straight to the Savannah Convention Center across the river for the Career Fair. Little did I know how taxing it would be but great to be able to review student work and do improptu interviews. Our primary task really though was to simply explain what it’s like to work at Under Armour as a designer and even more, what it’s like in the working world. It was a good day and headed out just after 1 in order to grab a bite to eat at one of my favorite spots Zunzi’s before catching our afternoon 2-leg flight back to Baltimore.

The trip was a huge success and it taught me how much can really be done in such a short time. Being in Savannah for no more than 36 hours was a treat and I can’t wait to head back down there in a few months for some other things I’ve got in the works. Until though, Georgia is still on my mind.

Originally published at Adam Johnson | Graphic Designer.