Upon Arrival

After a month traveling the South Pacific, specifically New Zealand and Australia, I am finding it hard to readjust to the rigorous grind of a regular job again. My wife and I had this trip planned for well over a year and the time had finally come to take off. Career compromises revised our original plans and the trip was significantly shortened from our original duration. Part of adulting means sometimes you have to weight the odds and have to make decisions — not always the way you expected. Quickly adapting to this though, we were agile enough with our itinerary to make it work. Part of this compromise meant we would be charging through our trip with an aggressive agenda at a non-stop pace. Something we were well versed in yet, less enthused about, again though, but we made it work.

Let me make a quick preface to all that you may be about to read though. Rather than a play by play of each day or listing out all the places we went, I want to recount the trip in a more interesting way (hopefully). Over the next few posts, I am going to publish general stories, favorite spots, hidden discoveries, and a little bit of everything in between. A non-traditional approach to travel story-telling I suppose.

Studio Seventy Four — AirBnb Wellington

Those of you that follow me on Instagram under the digital moniker, @the_creative_explorer may have seen some of these images but I will try to keep you entertained with new content. Out of the hundreds and into the thousands, of photos and video I took, I am certain there is a plethora of new things to be seen.

Full Disclosure:
 All of what I am posting and sharing is completely my opinion. I have not been paid for or compensated in any way for any of this. Sometimes I think travel photography and blog posts from “adventurous” trips and round the world travel have a tendency to spur on jealousy so I cautiously approach this area of social sharing, journalism, blogging, or whatever it is called by the time someone reads this. I endlessly scroll through Instagram envying other’s pursuits, so I know the feeling. For me it’s a healthy combination of wanderlust and inspiration and at the end of the day, I hope that’s what you are able to get out of this as well. Travel humble and stay hungry for adventure!


Originally published at Adam Johnson | Creative Explorer.

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