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Gideon Tella has emerged winner of the Mr. Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) 2017 beauty contest, amidst other contestants he competed with. Tella, together with Precious Ndubisi were crowned the new Mr and Miss NIJ, while Emmanuel Akinnagbe Omotayo won the Mr Photogenic with Amanda Opone as the Miss Photogenic and Mathias Babatunde emerged as Mr Amity and Gift Anizor as the new Miss Amity.

The contest which has been part of the annual students' week event of the institute took place at the Institute, amidst large crowd of students, staffs and dignitaries who graced the event on Thursday.

Contestants were made to undergo series of screening and questions before the winners finally emerged, among which is the cat walking steps, dancing in traditional attire, answering of questions, singing, and testing of their intelligence quotient; they were also made to dance together and came out in their various corporate and evening wears.

In the process of getting final winners of the contest, some of the contestants were being evicted to get the desired number for the final contest, having failed the screening.

However, a mild drama emerged when the judges were been accused by the students of being biased towards some contestants but fair towards some.

A former student of the Institute, Matthew Ojebola, lamented the rate at which the Institute is gradually losing its value, when asked about his view concerning the beauty pageantry contest.

He said "though am not really in the school hall when everything was going on but am able to meet some of the basic part of the contest. Now, the institute is gradually losing its value i vital areas of the academics, in the sense that how can a student, who is a also a contestant cannot define what an adjective is, this means we are really losing our value and there is a quick need to bring it back"

A student, who declined mentioning her name, said "there is no needs for the students to be angry over who won the beauty contest, it has happened like that and we don’t need to be angry, it’s just their luck. But for me, am happy with winners of the contest and wish them the best in their endeavours"

Tella, in a telephone interview expressed his happiness on how he felt being the new Mr NIJ, saying it’s really worthy it as a means of craving a role model for him.
"I am very happy and excited, as this has craved me as a role model for myself, though it has been something I have been working towards achieving for a longtime, therefore I feel very happy as the new Mr NIJ" he said

Effort to speak with other winners proved abortive as they could not be reached as at time of filing this report.

Different musical artists and dancers were also present to entertain the crowd with their different musical beats and sounds and the dancers with their dancing steps.

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