A subtle awakening

Hello Friend.

Hello Friend.

That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name.But that’s a slippery slope, you’re only in my head. We have to remember that. Shit, it’s actually happening. I am talking to an imaginary person.

Yeah yeah… another Mr Robot psycho… trying to runaway from his life??

Well, not actually. It is just that the need to express has far outgrown the fear of mediocrity. Yes, the need to express. Against a conspiracy, if I may say so, bigger than all of us. Okay, okay ….hands up . No Mr Robot lingo here.

But, who the hell are you ?

Exactly, who the hell am I ??? It doesn’t matter. Or maybe this whole expressing thing is a bullshit. But it needs to be done when you are helpless. When you are amongst the top 0.0035% of the people and still you get to study in a college that is not even in the top thousand list. When you crack an exam whose success rate is just .05% and still end up nowhere. When your parents work their asses off just to submit that pending fee installment in time while you watch your money being swallowed by others. Its you who sow and they who reap.

Ohh God!! I have dragged you into all of this. I should not have done so. I am sorry but talking about Reservations is a crime here. Ohh yeah, I get it. It’s funny, isn’t it? They call this brutality, “Reservations”. Ohh God Shhhh… I should not put you into more trouble. We have absolutely no right to talk about the guys who play God without permission. Let’s stick to what we came for.

The Hacker’s dilemma — what to do when a piece of data is off grid. Simple, you destroy it physically. That’s the thing we are talking about, The Rebel’s Dilemma. To be a vigilante or not to be, that is the question. Hope — fuckin bullshit. There is no hope. It is me and you out there, lonely, on a diverging cross street, confused and running away from this strange venom bloom, to confine ourselves into a disgusting pothole. It’s time we change things. It’s time we show them what we behold. And I may need you in this soon, very soon.