You are an oyster, yet to explore the world

According to Churchill, only those who work real hard and are willing to pay the price in blood, sweat and tears are the ones who truly deserve to succeed. True success is not only winning but knowing deep inside that it belonged to you and that you have always deserved it. Once this feeling of satisfaction creeps in, only then it is that you truly indulge in the opulence of success.

If you really want to succeed, outwork everybody in sight. Sweat the small stuff. Sweat the big stuff. Go the extra mile. But whatever it takes, put your heart and soul into everything you do. Success is not a lucky break. It is not a divine right. It is not an accident of birth. Success is a choice!

The universe around us, since the very beginning has tried its best to shower upon us myriad stories evidencing the above analogy. From the moment, when somebody chose to bash a rock on the ground to make the first sharp edged tool, to the development of Mars rovers and the Internet, we humans have been ingeniously making choices to succeed and take our lives hopping to the next level.

It’s always been the choices that made people great. Mahatma Gandhi chose to fight for independence in his own unique way of Satyagraha and he is now a world famous legend. On the other hand Dhirubhai Ambani chose to be rich, and he has now left a legacy for his family to revel in and grow. The story of PM Narendra Modi from a tea seller to CM, and now the PM of our country, is another such life awakening reality that has set an example for generations to follow. There had been nothing special about these people spending their otherwise ordinary lives, until they got struck with that extraordinary choice, which they chased for life and that made all the difference.

You may have a swarm of ideas brewing up daily in your minds. To succeed all you need to do is to chose one and chase it for all your life. Remember that you are a pearl, inside an oyster, a vast sea is yet to be explored. Go ahead and identify yourself and you can do wonders. All you need to do is to open your doors of perception.

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