A Complete Guide For 200 Hr YTTC in Rishikesh

Yoga directs the flow of mental energy towards positivity. Yoga is not only exercise and asana. It is integration and elevation of our spiritual power. Every day we suffer so many our endearour movement, naturally we hunted by our self generated emotion, aggressiveness and its drawn the energy. According to holy books yoga means “to unit”, “to accumulate”. Yoga develops our consciousness; it is connecting your soul to your imagination.

With the inspiration of nature Divine Yoga Academy prepare a length of 200 hour yoga teacher training course for you. With the touch of nature we provide ‘yoga- pranayam’. Our all guideline full naturally. Our yoga guru enlighten you about knowledge of YOGA and also eloquent its significant. Every fraction of time energy flow to our whole body, that energy you have to turn toward positivity.

Why will you be in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh city fully inspired with nature, this place well known for its peaceful and holy nature. Divine Yoga Academy offers you to become a part of its holiness and peaceful nature. Rishikesh located at foothills of HIMALAYA. Rishikesh world wide knows as the “Yoga capital of World”.

The way from Divine Yoga Academy..

Divine Yoga Academy’s yoga teachers provide you the way to integrate all the ancient elements to unit your body, mind and soul. We direct you to develop inner peace of life, enlighten about potential of you body and soul. Short and genuine tips for your better life, to find you’re calling. Yoga to be way of life.

Do you know?

Some very nascent questions are:-

What are the techniques to control our mind and body?

What are the discipline methods to attaining our goal?

Divine Yoga Academy made a genuine research over such questions that are beyond the imagination. We make you well efficient to get the answers.

Its can happen

Here you feel connection with your soul, flow of energy in your body. Great fact of our institution is our environment, that completely break your connection with deceive, greed, disturbed environment, and help you to connect you with yourself. We will able to discover, follow and live your way. After completion of 200 hours Yoga teacher training journey you will have strong focus mind

Your Comfort

Yoga could open infinite potential of human mind and soul. We never disturb nature. We always consider your comfort, like age as well as physical challenges. According to your comfort we direct best poses and techniques.


In 200 hour yoga teacher training we elaborate all kind of poses, asana, body movement, and breathing. We will be well efficient to deliver these all lesson later. We combined A to Z aspect of Yoga to train you. Student able to develops creative mental awareness throughout the life. With alternative gape we organize counseling by expert. Purpose of organize counseling for your assessment and make you awareness. We provide registered Certification of course. This certificate valid around the world, which is certified by Yoga Alliance, USA.

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