Highest Bungee Jumping Locations in USA

While bungee jumping was invented in New Zealand and the United States is home where many bungee jumping locations are available where adrenaline junkies will get their heart pumping. Well, jumpers have to be careful every time before jumping from highest spot or building. Some cities of United States banned bungee jumping due to various deaths and accidents. Nowadays bridges in the state of California and other states in USA offers extreme vacations, bungee jumping for families and various outdoor adventures. According to the researches it will recommended that jumpers go with a recognized things for their own safety. There are plenty of places, buildings or bridges are available in USA for bungee jumping.

Track Family Recreation Centre in Destin (Florida)

This centre has all the fun and provides many interesting activities like batting cages, mini golf, go karts and one of the more exciting attraction for bungee jumping in USA. The tower at this Recreation Centre is basically designed to allow visitors to drop 75 feet down for bungee jumping. This is great experience sport for those that are just beginners in bungee jumping adventures.

Sierra Nevada Bridge by Bungee Adventures in Sacramento, (California)

Bungee Adventures is highest bungee jump spot which offer variety of bridges in Northern California (USA) from trees and cliffs to bridges. The Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge considered as its one of the favourites and primary location of Bungee Adventures. It is a railway bridge lies between the mountains and next to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Though Bungee Adventures is located closer to the Nevada border Sacramento. Jumpers at this bridge enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes and brilliant 100 foot jump.

Royal Gorge Bridge by Go Fast! Games in Canyon City (Colorado)

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a massive suspension bridge which is 1,260 foot long that located over the Arkansas River. This bridge towers was considered as tallest bridge and 150 feet above the Arkansas River. Base jumping and Bungee jumping off this bridge are legal only throughout the Go Fast which is 3 days event! During those three days, there is a massive rush for extreme sports and enthusiasts jump off the bridge which counts in the world record.

Parrotts Ferry Bridge by Bungee Experience in Pioneer (California)

The Parrotts Ferry Bridge in Central California is a reservoir bridge located over the New Melones Lake. Between the green rolling hills and clean blue waters of New Melones Lake of Central California the jumpers will not prefers scenery. The bridge is also beautiful for its simplicity. This jump offers them both a safe and beautiful jump over the waters below. This is higher than most beginner bridge for jumpers but still a bit daunting and encouraging for the less brave persons.

Pacific Northwest Bridge by Bungee Masters in Amboy (Washington)

The Pacific Northwest Bridge is one of highest bungee jumping locations located just 25 miles from Seattle for those that enjoy in Emerald City. Those who love bungee jump on their own can unlikely to find this bridge without any difficulty. The Pacific Northwest Bridge is a private bridge that offers beautiful green forest in Washington. This jump has no. of visitors hopping of the edge and a small river located in a deep forested gorge (thrill for the more advanced jumpers).