5 Cool Pizza Parlors in Delhi and NCR

You know what, I believe Delhi and NCR has turned into a crazy hub for food lovers. Not only some really good startups are establishing a strong hold in the National Capital Region (alongside the biggies in the game off course), but they are also taking a tremendous amount of effort to serve some quality food to food lovers like you and me! I’m sure you must be aware of some good 
pizza shops nearby.

In this blog, I’ll take a moment to list down 5 Coolest pizza parlors in Delhi NCR that will tickle your taste buds so bad that you’d become a dedicated customer. Hope you are ready to update your preferences with the list below.
And I hope they will make you feel good just the way they’ve made me feel good!

1) Pizza Hut, CP
Being pioneers in the game, Pizza Hut has has dominate the F and B sector in India and across the globe since a long time now. They excel in serving some extraordinary pizzas, matching the tastes of a almost every pizza lover in the nation. 
I would particularly recommend the Pizza Hut at Connaught Place, New Delhi for its rhetoric ambiance. It’s surely one of the oldest Pizza Hut in Delhi and offers all the latest items alongside great deals and offers throughout the year.

2) California Pizza Kitchen

When at California Pizza Kitchen, you ought to try out the super savvy Chicken Fajita pizza! If you are one of those people who like their pizzas to be picture perfect, you’d really admire this place.

Most of the pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen is prepared with utter care, making sure every element is cooked to perfection so as to give you the ultimate taste!
The venue is located at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon and is open from 12 noon to 12 at midnight.

3) Nirula’s

Nirula’s is a very friendly name amongst Delhiite. It’s one of the first local food joint in the NCR and they surely made an impact solo, while other globally recognized food joints were trying to make their way to the Indian market.

Well known for their Ice-Creams, Nirula’s also offers some exotic pizzas to your delight. Easy on the wallet, without any compromise on the taste, Nirula’s can be a great choice for you. How about try it out during this festive time with your buddies? 
I’d recommend the Nirula’s at the Outer circle, Connaught place. It is open from 11 am till 12 at night. You’d surely like the ambiance and have a great time munching on to some hot and fresh pizzas!
I hope you enjoyed this read. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs on pizza shops near you.

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