5 Crazy Pizza Offers That You Must Get your Hands On This Week!

Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Smokin Joe’s, Chicago Pizza, Papa John’s …. And the list goes on. These are some of the biggest names from the FMCG sector that dominate the world by delivering exotic pizzas to millions of people each day, across the globe.

And to make your pizza purchases even more special, these pizza brands come up with some exciting deals and offers on a regular basis. Speaking of which, I would like to talk about 5 crazy pizza deals that you must check out this week. Even if you cannot make the best of all of them, at least make sure to get your hands on the one’s that appeal you the most.
 Here we go.
1) Wow! Take away deal by Pizza Hut
This is offer is running since quite some time now and has received widespread appreciation from the fans. This deal offers you to avail a pan pizza and get 50 % on the price. If you wish to make the best of this offer, use coupon code WOW 50 on your online/takeaway orders.

2) Everyday Value deal by Domino’s

As clear things can be, this offer entitles you to purchase medium pizzas that are otherwise worth Rs 295 only at Rs 199 each. SO browse through the epic Domino’s menu and order the best medium pizzas that never fail to fulfil your pizza fetish.

3) Unlimited Friday Deal- Pizza Hut
 As the name suggests, you get to make your Fridays extra special by enjoying as many pizzas as you want. Pizza Hut allows you to avail any medium pizza (as mentioned in the menu) just at Rs 249 each. This is the perfect opportunity for you to bag in pizzas from the Supreme category, overloaded with premium toppings at cheaper prices.

4) 50 % off on purchase of 2 Pan Pizzas
Pizza Hut throws away this great deal which entails you to 50 % off on the second pizza. This offer generally shows up on Saturdays and occasionally on Wednesdays. SO you might as well keep this deal in your deal bucket. Since GST rollout, some offers have been discontinued. So any further updates on the offer will be revealed via Pizza Hut’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

5) New Arrivals at Smokin Joe’s Pizza 
Smokin Joe’s has come up with some fresh arrivals. These new add on to the menu are quite enticing especially because of the credible rates at which they are being sold.

Also, at the same time, they are offering something completely new to the pizza fanatics. Which again is intriguing. 

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