5 Pizzas That Taste Best With A Cheese Maxx Crust

Do you like your pizzas with some extra amount of cheese? Do you like to get lost in that gooey feel of melted cheese? Well, in that case I have some information to share with you.
Pizza Hut offers you the option of customizing your pizzas into something more cheese, much like a cheese crust pizza to your delight. They called it Cheese Maxx. Have you heard of it yet?

If not, then allow me to enlighten you about the super savvy Cheese Maxx crust from Pizza Hut. 
Cheese Maxx is a rendition of Domino’s Cheese Burst style. It is available as a customization option as part of the Pizza Hut menu. You are entitled to convert almost any pizza from the classic menu into a cheese crust pizza at a mere hike in the usual cost of the pizza of your choice. 
Cheese Maxx crust is filled with gooey liquefied cheese, that’ll ooze out, every time you’d take a bite.
Talking about the characteristics of this style, well, Cheese Maxx crust pizza is bulkier, thicker at the bottom, more flavorsome and filling to your delight. The extra amount of cheese that makes the crust even more irresistible. And since the base is bulkier and sturdier, it can take in a lot of toppings, way more than a thin crust. 
Here are 3 extraordinary veg pizzas that you can cherish with a Cheese Maxx crust this Navratri season.

1) Exotica
Exotica is, without any doubt, one of the finest veg pizza from Pizza Hut’s intimidating menu. This pizza is overloaded with superb veggies that make it even more irresistible. Not to mention, the exquisite use of Pizza Hut special cheese makes this pizza truly desirable.
On ordering this pizza, you get a savvy combination of Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum, Baby Corn, Black Olives and Jalapenos. And if you customize the base to a Cheese Maxx, then I am dead sure you’ll fall in love with this epic meal.

2) Paneer Vegorama
A Pizza with Paneer topping is surely a treat to those who like to taste something different, something out of the box. Rather than eating the same old pizzas topped with veggies to a major extent, why not opt for something with Paneer instead? 
 Case in point, this epic paneer topped pizza tastes even great with a cheese crust.

3) Country Feast
Since it’s Navratri time, I’m sure you will be skeptical about a lot of food items. But what if you are offered a pizza that doesn’t dismantle your believes and turns out to be a great supper eventually?
Case in point, I’m talking about the super savvy Country Feast Pizza from Pizza Hut.
This pizza delivers a great taste, comprising of veggies such as Onion, Capsicum, Mushroom, Sweet Corn and Tomato!
And after a long fast, I’m sure you would let yourself cherish some extra cheese!

So make this Navratri Special offer with some exotic veg pizzas to your delight. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs and updates on the latest from the world of cheese crust pizzas!