I was in second year of my college. My daily routine was to watch TV all day and texting with my friends at night. I never took the college classes seriously. At the end of the year exams were conducted and when the results came I was doomed.Shit happened. I got failed. My parents were very upset. I was sad and had no clue what to do next. I went to my friend’s place and found a book called Effective Life Management by Swami Amartyanand. I read the complete book and followed the magic formula SDM religiously.

SDM stands for Satsang, Discipline, and Meditation.

Satsang- To be in the company of good people. You are average of five people you spend your time with. For example, if five of your friends smoke then it is very likely that you will end up as a smoker.Personally, I stopped watching TV and avoided the people who discouraged me.

Discipline- We all make plans. We follow them for some days and then we leave them. The book suggests follow any schedule for 21 days. After that it will become super easy to follow the time-table.

Meditation- or watching the thoughts. Watch your thoughts daily with eyes closed and backbone held straight.

I followed SDM for six months. After that I gave my exams and cleared it with distinction.

Please watch this video for more detailed answer.