Why Leap Day Exists

It does the things. Planet Earth moves rapidly around sun such that a full rotation occurs approximately every 365 days. This constant movement offsets balance calibrations deep within the Earth’s core. This center is composed of liquid iron, as well as a number of radioactive balance sensors that determine many components specific to planet Earth. These sensors work in shifts so as to not get too tired, and sometimes they have to take a break or go to the bathroom. However, the constant motion of the Earth is exhausting. To prevent overworking and overheating, these sensors rest one day every four years, on February 29. This arrangement was dictated by the specific chemical interaction of these sensors and their surroundings. If they were to align differently, the Earth may be completely constant.

As it is today, the Earth takes a pause on February 29 and stops completely. To prevent the Earth’s surface from spinning out of control, the iron core becomes even molten-er than it was before. This occurs every year as the radioactive sensors rest and replenish for another four year cycle.

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