In this project of aphorism, I constructed nine total sentences on three different themes: Success, writing, and A THEME. The Oxford Dictionary defines aphorism as “A pithy observation which contains a general truth.” In general, aphorisms are written in stylistic way. They can be dissected, counterclaimed and interpreted in many ways. Each of my sentences is formed in a concise grammatical fashion, but contains a deeper meaning than the surficial meaning. This gives readers at all level to understand and profit from these aphorisms.


· One does not define success by the level of achievements, but the level of self-

satisfaction one gains.

On average, this sentence would be considered as clear. The sentence was built in a subject and verb form. The subject “One” represents a character and the main verb “define” represents an action. There is a rhyme along which makes the sentence pleasant to hear and keeps it alive.

· I became friend of success, though failure was always my comrade.

There are two independent clauses separated by a comma. I used the conjunction “though” to directly contrast and to oppose both clauses. I also used synonyms, “friend” and “comrade” with difference significance. This intensify the thinking process of the reader to come up a valid interpretation.

· I attain success but no one remembers me.

This sentence is simple and concise. It breaks that general perception of success which is associated with fame.


· If writing is a weapon, then are writers hitmen?

The sentence above is in a question form. In a less obvious manner, there is an opposition occurring between the two clauses. The second clause demands an answer based on the logic of the first one, which is a saying.

· Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” I say “there is no greater affliction than not be able to effectively tell your untold story.”

In this sentence, I used a quote to make a different sentence. I purposefully made the structure of both sentences similar. I presented a different perspective to the reader to provide a way out.

· The writer knows how to read.

Though this sentence is made up of a small amount of words, it holds a greater set of information that the reader can interpret for oneself. There is an option to either criticize or support this argument.


· Don’t always listen to the speaker, look out for the deaf-mute and wait to hear what he has to say.

There are three clauses in this sentences. They are all imperatives clauses that direct the reader.

· Living without self-perception equals dancing without music.

This sentence is a metaphor that is picture by the reader. There are two gerunds “living” and “dancing” that are nouns in the phrase. Their parallel positions are vital in this case. They easily help the reader spot the two elements of comparison.

· A good leader is a good follower, but rarely the other way around.

In the first clause, I use the verb “to be” to emphasize the equality of the two terms. The second clause that comes with the fanboys “but” shows that the one possible case.