To the friend who…

Saying goodbye is never easy especially when I’m voluntarily saying bye to all the people at Brown for at least a year (or even more). A generic goodbye didn’t seem befitting so here’s my take at addressing all the people who’ve impacted my life for the last two years. Some statements only apply to one person. Some statements apply to more. But every single one is true. So here goes. To the friend who…

Convinced me to take a gap year

Thank you. You already know how much love I have for you and how important you are to me. I’m so glad that I convinced you to grab a meal with me. You changed my life and the lives of so many others.

Is my best friend

Thank you for opening your arms to a girl that comes from halfway across the world, giving her a second family, so much love, and a listening ear when I’m not having a great day. You make it easy to go be crazy in this world because I know that no matter what, you’re still going to be there at the end of the day. I have so much love for you.

Chooses to question the world we live in, and why we do the things we do

I hope you never stop. Too many people just continue on a blind journey without ever stopping to smell the roses and asking if they even want to smell roses in the first place. Maybe you prefer daisies instead. It’s scary to ask these questions to ourselves, but the answers are more than worth it.

Thinks finance is soul-sucking

Probably will be. Hopefully I’ll survive (fingers crossed). But I’ve also come to respect the people I’ve met in this institution and the people going into it. Finance plays an important role in our society. I only hope those going into it are really the ones that want to, not because they thought there weren’t other options.

Thinks finance is amazing

You better ace those interviews, get the job you always wanted, and work your way to partner. And then open that 3-michelin star restaurant. You’re absolutely amazing, and I have no doubt that you will succeed.

Has big dreams but is stuck in their head

Your ideas don’t suck. But I know what it’s like to overanalyze everything and kill the idea before you’ve even planted the seed. My advice is find the do-ers. They’ll pull the idea out of your head and together, you can make it happen.

Is a do-er

Keep doing. You have a special quality to make things happen. But find the dreamers and the thinkers too. You can only create more value together. Plus their ideas may surprise you.

Doubts themselves

We all do at one point or another. Just know that you’re capable, intelligent, smart, and that you deserve everything that comes your way. You earned it. And when you forget, shoot me a message cause I will remind you until you’re sick of all the positivity.

Has a crush on that girl/guy/person

Ask them out already. The worst thing that will happen is they’ll say no and you’ll be exactly where you were before: a brilliant individual going to the greatest school in the world. You can also go eat some ice cream if it’s really bad. But then, you’ll shake it off and continue being a badass in life.

Always smiles but underneath is hurting

There are people who care about you and who love you. You don’t need to be strong 100% of the time. It’s okay to hurt. And it’s okay to be vulnerable around those who are your friends. That’s why we’re here. To take care of you like you take care of everyone else.

Has two passions that don’t make sense together

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do both. I always liked the saying “innovation happens at the intersection”. I also think magic happens there too. Don’t lose your magic.

Oozes poetry like honey

You have a gift. Continue sharing it with the world.

Is struggling to get through Orgo or any STEM class really

You’re almost done. No one has ever been defined by a STEM class and you won’t be either. You are so much more than a single letter on a transcript.

Is easily one of the smartest people I know

I’m always in awe of you. I walk away learning something new every time.

Said fuck it and decided to S/NC every class

I love you so much. You’re so special, brilliant and talented. And despite everything that’s been thrown your way, you still rise to the occasion. I can’t wait to see where life takes you.

Is constantly self-deprecating

You know exactly who you are. Even though you like bringing yourself down, I won’t ever stop appreciating you, reminding you how great you are, and how many people are so lucky to have you in their life, including myself. Unicorns for life.

I met in a random house in the middle of a forest

Thank you for one of the best nights of my sophomore year. I loved learning about you, what makes you tick, your passions, your dreams, your story, and I only hope to bump into you again down the road.

Is total trash

You’re gross. But I still love you anyway.

Helps me deal with the trashy friends

I’m going to miss you and your inappropriate jokes because you know it annoys me. You were the sanity I needed, the person I went to for advice, and the person that I could be myself around at 2am when I woke up from sleeping on the couch.

I only say hi and bye to while walking down the street

I’m sorry that I never got to know you better, listen to how you’re actually doing, what drives you, what you want to do in this world and how I could help. Hopefully this changes when I come back.

I sit with at the ratty

Thank you for being a familiar face in the rapid rush of busy, stressed students, making me laugh, and providing a little sanity amidst all the crazy of our college life.

Lives on my floor at perky Perkins

You were the unexpected friend. But I’m so glad that you came into my life. There is so much positivity, joy, and brilliance that radiates from you. I only wish you realized that about yourself! Don’t forget that you’re worth it.

I met on Miller’s hallways

Well there’s two of you in particular. I do love all of our Miller babes but you two are some of the most talented, intelligent, caring, funny, and seriously stylish-it’s-not-fair-for-the-rest-of-us people at Brown. I know words don’t have to be spoken between us everyday because there’s enough love to fill the silence.

Is graduating before I come back

This is where it sucks because I know I won’t see your beautiful face gracing the main green. I think the best way to describe you is my admiration for all that you’ve done, and how you inspire me to continue being unapologetically me.

Is graduating this year

Thanks for being friends with an underclassman! Through all the laughs, bubble tea and bubble tea mishaps, conversations about everything and nothing, I’m really going to miss you. But I know you’ll do just fine in life. Don’t think about it so much. And get a penguin.

Is taking some time off too

I’m proud of you for taking ownership of your education, taking a path less taken, and practicing enough self-care and self-awareness to do what’s best. I can’t wait to hear about your stories when we come back.

Goes to RISD

I’m so sad that I’ve barely scratched the surface. But you are amazing, inquisitive, talented and capable of whatever you put your mind to. I only wish I went down the hill sooner.

Gave me a second family

You made being so far away from home that much easier. Now I’m going to feel homesick from two places instead of one.

Isn’t afraid to speak their mind and demand justice

I’ve learned a lot from you after coming from a place where I didn’t face one quarter of the difficulties you face. Your voice is important in this world.

Taught me to slow down

Still trying to on this one. But thanks for reminding me to appreciate my present instead of constantly living in the future.

Calls me out on my own shit

You keep me grounded. And while I hate you for it sometimes, I really appreciate you for it because it makes me more self-aware.

Reminds me that I am loved

It means the world. You are too.

Laughs while I eat oatmeal at 7.30pm

You know that the apple cinnamon is the But as I’ve told you before, you’re a friend for life, not just a friend for Brown. I love you to the moon and back. And our girl talks are easily some of the funniest/weirdest conversations. I feel bad for anyone who stumbles in on them. Thanks for letting me be the sad, teenage girl around you and you loving me no less.

Sits with me for an hour at the Faunce basement

Unexpected conversations are always the most fun.

I met at salon

Don’t lose the inspiration that this amazing space gives you. You have it in you to not live an ordinary life if you so choose. You can be the change that this world needs.

Understands what it’s like to be an international

We have a special understanding of each other that no one can quite relate to. Be it our experiences, our understanding of the world, or how we happen to have mutual friends from nowhere. Share the knowledge.

Is powering through the grind/struggle

Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Struggling shouldn’t be romanticized. Check-in with yourself, your friends, and take the break. Ten years down the road, that one class won’t define you. Only you can define you.

Comes to me to talk about their worries and woes

I’m only a quick message away. I may be physically gone but I’m always here.

Has a thing for socks

You became my accidental brother? You’re also really mean to me. But I’m also very mean to you. Yet you do have a special place in my heart and I’m totally crashing your apartment when I visit you.

Is part of the Woolley/Minden clan

Family. That’s what you are. You are the friendly face, the loving arms, the shining smiles, the random conversations, the brilliant minds, talented souls and everything I hoped college would be. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in a year.

I met at a random PLME party

Just love. Love at first sight.

I met through EP

Don’t forget you’re part of a very special community of people. Choose to be inspired by them and let them become your family. They’ll open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

I love, respect and am going to miss like crazy

This is only see you later, not goodbye. Thank you for letting me be selfish and do something for myself, and only providing me with encouragement, love and support. I seriously don’t know how I ended up with you in my life, but I’m so glad I did.

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