A Trip to Less Discovered Paradise of Iran

Let’s do a test. Imagine that I ask you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Iran”. You’ll certainly mention Isfahan, poetry, Persepolis at best, or grumble about some political facts at worst.

Well, I hope you are in the first case. Thus, Iran has more to offer you than you can imagine. Let me show you another aspect of Iran that has been neglect for years: its stunning little islands of the Persian Gulf.

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Arm yourself with a map of Iran and look for the little points between Iran and the United Arabs Emirates. That’s where we go.

Women wearing traditional clothes in Qeshm Island

With a history of more than 2000 years, travelling to Qeshm is a unique experience. The local life of the island will be like a travel in the past while its landscapes will make you feel that you literally are walking on the moon. Qeshm is a gravitational one, an arid place where life emerged.

Larak Island under moonshine

And what a life! The Bandari way of life. Imagine people dressed in traditional clothes living in houses cold by badgirs (windtowers) and restoring old dhows. Sounds like a dream isn’t it? That’s the essence of Qeshm itself.

A traditional badgir (windtower) in a village in Hormoz Island

Thus, Qeshm is not only famous for its people. It’s unique wildlife, from reptiles to dolphins and turtles will amaze the most apathetic tourist. Its fantastic geological canyons, caves and valleys that are constitute the UNESCO-recognised Qeshm Island Geopark will take the adventurer’s breath away.

Chahkooh Canyon, Qeshm Island Geopark

A few miles away is the isolated island of Larak that boasts one of the richest and most diverse coral reef areas of the Persian Gulf. Definitely one of world-best diving spot!

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If today Hormoz is just a small island inhabited by fishermen, it used to be an important maritime trading centre. Conquered by the Portuguese in 1507, an impressive castle is still standing at the far north of the Island.

Colorful mountains, Hormoz Island

At the hearth of the lands, delimited by idyllic beaches, is the Paradise Art Centre, where you can admire the arts of the world-know artist Ahmad Nadalian.

World’s Largest Soil Carpet, Hormoz Island
Colorful paitings all over the town, Hormoz Island

Let me guess. You want to go there? That’s a piece of cake : Check out this 6 days tour to the “Islands of wonders”.