Putting On Your Armor

Yet another poem about putting on God’s armor. It comes from the verses in Ephesians 6. I wrote this poem a couple of years ago and forgot about it. When I came across it, it wasn’t quite finished, so I went back and finally finished it. It is meant to serve as an encouragement and reminder for all of us. It is important to know that we aren’t the only ones embroiled in battle. All of us are fighting some unknown battle. Some are aware of it while others plod on day to day mystified at why they feel they way they do. I know that we all at times forget that we are battling the unseen. Caught up the busyness of our day to day, it is quite easy to do. We can’t let that happen. We have to be on our guard at all times because the enemy is waiting around the corner ready to destroy us the moment we are weak.

Putting on Your Armor


Help me to put on your armor and lend me your strength to not only survive, but persevere.

Help me to buckle into place the belt of truth and to embrace and share that truth.

And to put on each piece of the armor of your righteousness.

Help me to slip on your shoes of peace and everywhere I step, I pray that I spread that peace.

Give me the strength to hold up the shield of faith to protect my heart

From being penetrated by the fiery arrows fired against me by the enemy.

Help me to place on my head the helmet of salvation to serve as protection for my mind

And as a reminder of what has been done for me.

Finally to take up the sword of the spirit, your word

Shine your light through me.

Renew me in your Holy Spirit

That heavenly charge the enables fireflies

To shine as bright as lightening bolts.

Don’t let me hide that light, but let it shine on all those that I meet.

Keep me full of your spirit

So much so, that I will

Make those who do not know you curious.

Give me the wisdom to answer their questions.

Show them who you are,

Show them the battles they face,

Show them to, how to put on your armor

And fight alongside you

All the days of their life.