There hasn’t been one recently.
Tim Goodwin

FDR, who put Japanese people in internment camps and definitely was not anti-war, and who’s family was rich and prominent politically, and whose family money was made from importing sugar from exploited countries? This purity test — this use of the word “neo-liberal” to imply the democratic party has forsaken their prinicples — is based on the memory of something that didn’t happen. The democratic party is liberal and progressive. They are not perfect. But they never have been. To say someone is “neo-liberal” is to imply there once was a “real” liberal and that they’re only pretending at their old ideals — and that’s not true. We democrats have become progressively more liberal. Not less. Certainly not less liberal than FDR (who did many wonderful things. There’s a reason he got four terms. But my point is even he wouldn’t pass this purity test.)

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