A Martian’s Perspective

I consider myself terrible at asking questions. That was something I’d always dreaded about getting to know people, and they would suggest asking some to get to know each other better. I’m one of those weird people who asks questions like, “If you could have a drink come out of your belly button forever what would it be?”

Fun? Yes.

Weird and sometimes off-putting? Also yes.

When we were told to write questions from a martian’s point of view I was definitely overthinking it. That’s was my biggest struggle. I was pushing myself to think of these ridiculous questions, but that’s not really what they needed to be.

In today’s class I started to understand that a little better. Sometimes crazy and outlandish questions aren’t always what you need. Sometimes a simple question is all you need! A simple question can provide a fun response, and I didn’t really think it could before this class.

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