Classic College Intro

My name is Sami Filipiak, I’m an advertising major, and I’m from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Chances are you may have heard about it from a TV show cracking a joke about it being a trashy Spring Break destination (which it totally is).

As a student I’m pretty quiet and like to observe more in the class, but I still try to put my best effort in.

I like school how it is for the most part. Sometimes it can be really demanding with classes assigning homework that can take hours to complete. Granted, the pull of constantly checking my social media accounts does capture my attention a lot while I’m trying to do my homework, so that’s probably just a me problem.

The most engaging moment in school for me last year was working on projects for my Digital Media class. All the projects were assigned in the studio were really hands on from start to finish. We got to call all the shots in the studio. That’s what makes classes and school really fun for me — being able to actually try things out.

Most teachers just think of me as a quiet member of their class, while some think of me as a witty girl who sometimes has a little more sass than recommended. Even though I’ve gotten in trouble a few times in my academic career about my sass I’d prefer for teachers to see and think of me as that. Those are the classes that I can usually break out of my shell in, and if I can give a teacher sass it really just shows how comfortable I am around them. But I am extremely sorry to all the teachers who could not handle my sass levels.

My high school fashion teacher knew me well. I always caught on to the assignments quickly and she noticed very quickly. She started having me help her in class by helping out the other students so she wouldn’t have to keep explaining steps over and over. When I had finished my assignments in the class she would just talk to me for the rest of the time that remained in class. She would tell me her wild stories about being a teen in the 60’s, and I would listen in awe. She made me realize what a teacher was supposed to be. Someone who taught not only the lessons required of their subject, but also the timeless lessons of life.

If I could build a school it would be a lot of hands on classrooms. I wouldn’t want lectures going on all the time. I would want a school that promoted creativity and getting out there and applying the skills they are being taught.

I think the best question for you to ask me so you could be a good teacher for me is simply how do I like to learn. Everyone learns differently, and I really enjoy it when a teacher understands that and tries different methods of learning that can appeal everyone.

A great weekend for me is hanging out with my friends. I like spending time with my close friends because something ridiculous always ends up happening to us to make our time together memorable.

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